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Sociology of Love/Amateur Astronomy

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You know what it feels like to be in love, but how much of that emotion comes from what society expects you to feel? Dr. Kim McGann is a sociologist at Nazareth College. She studies how love is constructed by cultural values, and how what we expect from love can sometimes be unrealistic. In the second half of the show, we’ll talk about careers in physics, and how amateur astronomers can deepen their understanding of the night sky.

Host: Brian Koberlein
Guest: Kim McGann
Producer: Mark Gillespie
Music: Marcus Warner

The One Universe at a Time Podcast is produced at the Rochester Institute of Technology with support from the RIT College of Science.


  1. KUDOS… You have definitely shown your broad range of intellectual capacity by combining soft science and “real” science in a realistic discussion. Thank you Dr. Koberlein. I hope Dr. McGann will be a future guest a few times more.

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