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I’m an astrophysicist. professor, and author. This website is where you can find most of my writing, but you can also find some of my writing on other sites such as Forbes. You can always contact me through this site, but I can also be found on several social media sites:

These are the only sites I regularly use, so you can consider them the only official ones I have. Unless we’re already connected on one of these sites, the best way to contact me is through the contact form.

If you need to verify my identity, my PGP key is:
Key ID: 9524406A
Fingerprint: FC74 5FD6 C4EE 04B7 3BA4 B5BF DA7F B425 9524 406A

Honest Science

The goal of One Universe at a Time is to convey an understanding of our Universe in a way that is honest and free of hype. Modern astrophysics is complex, and the conclusions we can draw from our findings is often subtle. One Universe at a Time focuses on peer-reviewed evidence to present our best current knowledge. When there is scientific controversy, various views will be discussed. When I have a particular opinion on a finding it will be stated as such.

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Pay It Forward

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