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Uncanny Valley/Black Holes

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3D animation is captivating, and so are semi-realistic dolls and robots that almost look like people. As these things get more lifelike, there is a point where they stop looking cuddly, and start looking creepy. In pop culture, this is called the uncanny valley. Today we’re going to talk about this with Dr. Grant Gutheil, Associate Professor of Psychology at Nazareth College in Rochester NY. In the second half of our show we’ll talk about what all the fuss is regarding a black hole in the center of our galaxy.

Host: Brian Koberlein
Guest: Grant Gutheil
Producer: Mark Gillespie
Music: Marcus Warner

The One Universe at a Time Podcast is produced at the Rochester Institute of Technology with support from the RIT College of Science.


  1. I think this was the first podcast episode you made, right? I have this Déjà vu over the topic and especially over hearing Gutheil’s scream at Tom Hank’s shark eyes XD

    Which brings me to a suggestion for a podcast episode: What’s the deal with Déjà vu’s?

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