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The Long Journey

In History by Brian Koberlein2 Comments

For decades Pluto was simply a faint dot on a photographic plate. In less than a century we have turned a faint point of light into a beautiful reddish world.

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Bit by Bit

In History by Brian Koberlein4 Comments

Einstein’s solution of the photoelectric effect was to propose that light is made of photons. His work ushered in the age of quantum theory.

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Yuri’s Night

In History by Brian Koberlein1 Comment

In 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel to space. Since then “Yuri’s night” has inspired dreams of even grander human space missions.

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After the Fact

In History by Brian Koberlein3 Comments

In 1948 Ralph Alpher, and Robert Herman published a paper predicting a consequence of the big bang model, which we now call the cosmic microwave background.