The Galapagos/Astronomy in Chile

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When you hear of the Galapagos, you might think of Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution. Today the Galapagos remain a focus of ecotourism and scientific study. Today we’ll talk with Dr. Bob Rothman, Professor of Biology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He’ll tell us about the Galapagos and what it’s like to visit. We’ll also talk about astronomy in Chile, and the growing trend of astrotourism.

Host: Brian Koberlein
Guest: Bob Rothman
Producer: Mark Gillespie
Music: Marcus Warner

The One Universe at a Time Podcast is produced at the Rochester Institute of Technology with support from the RIT College of Science.


  1. Unfortunately you did not get to go up to ALMA but I am curious about how they enhance the air in the AOS building. It seem to me there two ways to do it. One is a large oxygen concentrator (xeolite adsorption) the other is cryodistillation. Do you know how they do it?

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