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Science can’t happen in a vacuum. A political vacuum, that is. In order to drum up support for research, many scientists find that they need to put on a suit and head to Washington, D.C. Dr. Scott Franklin, Professor of Physics at the Rochester Institute of Technology, is one such researcher. On today’s show, he’ll explain the continual need to reach out to the lawmakers that fund today’s scientific projects. In our second half, we’ll talk about the burgeoning discoveries of planets orbiting other stars.

Host: Brian Koberlein
Guest: Scott Franklin
Producer: Mark Gillespie
Music: Marcus Warner

The One Universe at a Time Podcast is produced at the Rochester Institute of Technology with support from the RIT College of Science.


  1. Well, I’m glad Scott advocates for scientists. Sometimes I despair over the idea that no one’s doing it and very few scientists themselves seem to tolerate politics, much less participate in them beyond blogging or voting. Not that I help much myself so I can’t complain too much… Thanks, Brian and Scott for the podcast.

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