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I’ve been thinking of ideas for a podcast, and one idea I have is a give and take between myself and other experts outside my field. So here is a first try at that format. It is an exchange with Grant Gutheil, who is a developmental psychology professor. This is just a raw recording to try the format, so it is very basic. But I’d be interested to hear what y’all think of the format.

It’s also a test of embedding SoundCloud files into the blog, so if you have issues let me know.


  1. Works perfectly using Opera, Chrome & Firefox from New Zealand and it is an interesting topic they talking about just as well 🙂

    1. That is actually really awesome. I can listen to that stuff at work while hiding the browser in the background so that my boss doesn’t notice 🙂

  2. Embedded soundcloud file played perfectly, even from within feedly, the app I use for my rss feeds. Thanks for keeping all the good stuff “above the fold”.

  3. Works good on Win7-64bit Sony AIO under Chrome & Firefox. Great 1st step!
    If I were king, would also like to have show notes available before each podcast (perhaps sent as an sms link) consisting of fundamental outline with pertinent hot links for reference. I know that all of this is much more easier said than done: It is fairly straightforward to hold a Google Hangout that you can also publish as a webcast on YouTube, for instance. I know that you are aware of these and other methods of disseminating science, ideas and opinions in this age and once again thank you profusely for your superb efforts.

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