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When someone asks about the practical implications, they take a small view of science. It ignores the fact that scientific knowledge is itself valuable. Science arises from the innate curiosity that is part of what makes us human. To do science well requires some of the best aspects of humanity: thoughtfulness, honesty, skepticism, creativity and equality. It requires us to work together, and it drives us to communicate ideas clearly. It is a human endeavor that inspires us to do better, and to be better.

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How Astronomy Supports Evolution

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If evolution is correct (and it is) then it must have occurred over billions of years, not a mere 10,000 or so. So how do we know — really, really know — that the Universe is billions of years old? It all comes down to a bit of astronomy.

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A common criticism is that scientists should show more humility. Such criticism fails to recognize that the power of science is its humility.

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Butterfly Effect

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Chaos theory is often expressed by the butterfly effect. Stated simply, the butterfly effect is the idea that the flutter of a butterfly’s wings in China can cause a chain of effects that results in a hurricane striking Florida. It is a representation of a non-linear system, where a small event can trigger a much larger one.