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Einstein’s Cross

In Gravity by Brian Koberlein0 Comments

Quite a while ago I wrote about how a beam of light is bent by a gravitational field, a process known as gravitational lensing. The effect was famously first observed by Eddington in the early 1900s, and was one of the three great “tests” of general relativity.

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Frame Dragging

In Gravity by Brian Koberlein3 Comments

Frame dragging is one of those strange effects that occurs in general relativity. It happens when a rotating mass twists space. Strange as it is, we’ve observed the effect near Earth.

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Equivalent Principles

In Gravity by Brian Koberlein2 Comments

The equivalence principle states that everything falls at the same rate in a gravitational field. But what about antimatter? We think it would fall just like regular matter, but we haven’t yet been able to put that assumption to the test.