So What About Light?

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Given my earlier post, what if something travels at the speed of light like, say, light?  Suppose you were to look up into the clear, dark, night sky and see the Andromeda galaxy.  From our point of view, a photon hitting your eye left Andromeda about 2 million years ago.  From the photon’s perspective, the instant it is emitted in the Andromeda galaxy, it strikes your eye.

How cool is that?


  1. So the speed of light is instantaneous from light’s perspective. So light can get out of a black hole from it’s perspective.
    Doesn’t this mean that there is no event horizon?
    Also an electron traveling at the speed of light around an atom would exist in all points along it’s obit from the prospective of an outside observer.
    Gravity of the mass that is in a black hole in the center of the galaxy and In the dark matter that surrounds the galaxy is still interacting with the visible matter that we can see.
    The red shift in the case of the black hole or the blue shift in the case of dark matter is so extreme that we can no longer detect the matter by any other means than Its gravitational pull.

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