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It’s now been a week since I started this website, so now that the dust has settled a bit I’d like to ask a few questions.  Specifically I’m interested in what format or tools you might find particularly useful.

Is there a comment system you like to see on a blog?  Do you like seeing “follow me on …” links or do you find them annoying.  Is it useful to have related posts, etc.

As I mentioned in my first post, I’m most familiar with Google+, and that has its own community.  I’m hoping this site will draw a wider readership, so I’d like to make the site as useful as possible with few annoyances if I can help it.

So any suggestions you more experienced blog readers have would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hi Brian, I’m a big fan of yours on G+ and am very grateful for all the knowledge you share there and on FB.
    First off – I don’t claim to be any kind of “expert” in blogging, but I do have 3 of my own WordPress blogs (1 for dental photography, 1 for my dental practice, and I just started a personal blog), so I have a little experience.
    Secondly – do you know of Darren Rowse? If not, I’d highly suggest following him on G+, as he’s well-recognized as an influential person when it comes to “how” to blog effectively.
    Third – one of the biggest benefits of having your own site, versus posting comment on G+, FB, etc., is that you can include multiple images, diagrams, video clips, etc in a single post or page, and of course, people are visual learners. Including plenty of visual material, especially when teaching non-scientists about science, is IMO a HUGE benefit.
    Do figure out some kind of header image, which is good simply because it’s appealing, same thing with a basic color scheme. you don’t have to be fancy or hire a graphic designer or anything, but something other than pure white.
    You should DEFINITELY have links to FB, G+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, etc. to make it easy for your readers to share. Most WordPress themes today offer an easy way to plug these in.
    I also agree with the idea of having Archive/Category menus so people can easily search.
    I am assuming that you’re using WordPress, but can’t tell offhand if it’s or .org; if that’s the case, I would be glad to offer whatever technical knowledge I can as a small thanks for the wonderful information you provide!

  2. Charles Payet pretty much answered all your questions, but I figured I would give you my thoughts as well. As someone new to blogging, I think it is an awesome way to communicate, or “throw” your thoughts and ideas out there. If you have enough followers you can get some good discussion going on as well. Its really a lot like g+, just more centralized on the posts.

    Personally I don’t find the follow me/+1 etc buttons bothersome at all. I think they are a great way for readers to show that they appreciate what was written.

    I also am really glad you are starting this, I read all your posts and I think this would be a great way to centralize them all. 😀

  3. A must on your website, in my opinion, is a separate linked page which contains the archive of all that you’ve ever posted on your site. It may also contain a (very) brief overview of a couple of sentences related to the post. I would also advise you to provide a link to your G+ profile, and provide a separate page describing you. After a year on Blogger, I know that people prefer a page about you on the site itself, rather than seeing your social networking profile. And do provide a page that lists your contact details. The rest you will learn with time and experience.

  4. I enjoy your volume Brian. I am just a down to earth person. I have thoughts and ideals about the past, present, and the future. There is a old saying the past is your future, and the future is your past. I am the alpha & the omega, the beginning and the end, and the. first and the last. 7 is a perfect nnumber. And there is nnumbers past 9. The universe and the number 7 goes hand in hand. The number 7 hasto do with alot of things. As I said I am a common person. I do notes have no degree or anything like that

  5. Author

    Thanks everyone. So far I’ve added the about page and social links at the bottom of posts, as well as a basic archive and search. It’s a start at least.

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